Exercise, Food & Water Journal: 02.02.2013

Not sure how or why, but I’ve gotten an influx of followers recently. I just want to say thanks! Hope my blog can be of use or inspiration to you. Please forgive my rambling because I AM talking to myself. ^.^


Bi Rain!

F’in Abs Workout: Tabata x 2
– Superman: 15, 12
– Seated V Split: 14, 18
– Knee Hugs: 14, 12
– Flutter Kicks: 55, 54
– Leg Raises: 8, 8
– Toe Touches: 11, 13
– BTW Reach: 12, 20
– Side Plank Kickout: 10, 12

Front Plank: 1 min
Abdominal Vacuum: 3 x 30

Beast Skill: Handstand
– Wall Handstand: (cartwheel entrance) 3
– Hollow Body: 1 min, off and on

– Point Lobos: 3 mile trail!

Look an oldie workout! The F’in Abs from my old DLI BodyRocker days. Sigh. Those were best days of my life here at DLI. Kinda. The stomach vacuum from my Bodybuilding.com days in Portugal. Threw in the flutter kicks and plank, too. I like the idea of doing abs during the weekend as a less intense workout. Unfortunately, it’s too ugly to go SUPing today. 😦 I can’t wait until I get to Hawai’i.

First time hiking in Monterey! It reminded me of hiking everywhere in Taiwan. Except not as sweaty. And not on vertical trails.

– egg, corned beef hash, kiwi, juice
– clif bar
– lettuce wrap burger, fries, dark choc milk shake (thanks lactaid!)
– alaska maki (salmon and avo)

So had a revelation today at breakfast. If I pause and don’t eat food when I feel like I’m getting full instead of eating faster… I live! Go figure. Now let’s test this out at a restaurant.

So I was really pleased with the proportions at Johnny Rockets. The plates were small and they didn’t pile the plate full of fries. Also sharing a milk shake was the best idea ever. Those things are made for two people. Sushi obviously is already the perfect proportion for one person. Good food day overall.

– other: 1.5
– workout: 0.3



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3 responses to “Exercise, Food & Water Journal: 02.02.2013

  1. Always much harder to test this theory out in a restaurant!
    I figure if I apply this theory 90% of the time for my meals at home, restaurants are a bit of a treat that I can look forward to, and eat a little bit more. 🙂

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