Exercise, Food & Water Journal: 31.01.2013


Zuzka, my fitness hero

BODYBUILDING DAYS 1-5: Jump Rope + AR7 + Beast Skill
Jump Rope
– 1 X Tabata: 8 X 20 on, 10 off

AR7: SERIES D 7×7, 6×6, 5×5
– Jump Squats
– Jump Lunges* (I forgot to do the jump lunges)

Beast Skill: Handstand
– Wall Climb: 3 x 3

Jump Rope, I can’t quit you. Only one tabata this time. That was a good decision. Those are hard for me to make when it comes to working out and injuries. My fav day of AR7! They’re all so hard, but this one and dips/push ups are the most challenging. My abs hurt from pt yesterday btw. Maybe I’ll throw some planks and flutter kicks into my workouts in the future! Wall climb is looking good. I might be able to finally get to 4 sets on leg days. ^.^

– egg, chicken sausage, kiwi, juice
– 1/2 clif bar
– chicken, french cut green beans
– 1/2 clif bar
– beef, cauli, kidney beans and green beans, apple sauce, juice
– TJ fruit bar bits and pieces

Its the last day of January and the Poop Report is up to date! This proportion thing and this thinking before I eat thing and this drinking water instead thing are really working for me. Let’s not fail this weekend.

– other: 0.2
– class: 0.6
– workout: 0.4

I find that I really need to drink a cup of water in the afternoon or after dinner.



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6 responses to “Exercise, Food & Water Journal: 31.01.2013

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  2. Do you not drink lots of water throughout the day?

    • lukesaysno

      On average I usually get around 2 liters of water. Mostly because I have my water bottle with me at school and pt. However most of that is before dinner! I’m trying to drink more in the late afternoon and evening.

  3. Ahh ok, was just making sure lots of water was going down! On that note, time to refill my glass!

    • lukesaysno

      She’s the best. If you look at my exercise progression page, you’ll see my exercise challenge started with her and Bodyrock.

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