Exercise, Food & Water Journal: 10.01.2013

DAY 3: Jump Rope + Lower Body + Beast Skill

Jump Rope
– 2 X Tabata: 8 rounds, 20s fast skipping, 10s rest

Lower Body
– Single Leg Pistol Jump Squat – NO ASSISTANCE: 3 x 5 (per leg)
– Single Leg Romanian Deadlift Jump: 3 x 5 (per leg)
– Shrimp Squat – Assisted: 3 x 5 (per leg)

Beast Skill: Handstand
– Hollow Body: 6 x 15 seconds

The pistol squat jumps make me feel like I’ve just conquered the impossible every time I finish them. -_- The Hollow Body does not like my butt! It’s so hard to relax your butt and tense your lower abs at the same time. PURE SKILL. But if I don’t then I can’t keep the gap between my lower back and the floor closed. And well… sometimes it feels better than it should!

– eggs n cheese, kiwi, juice
– lemon grass chicken n noodles n lettuce, PB Mocha BOBAAAAAAA!
– french cut green beans, salmon w feta and spinach, yoghurt

Boba, oh how I’ve missed living off of you. The funny thing is I almost forgot how much sugar we put in it in the States. It almost ruins it. The Taiwanese have got it right with their not being addicted to sugar culture.

Can I just say… that this proportion resolution thing is really working out wonderfully for my abs?!

– other: .4
– class: .6
– workout: .3

Mmm, water. Yeah.


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