Exercise, Food & Water Journal: 04.01.2013

Jump Rope
– Tabata: 8 rounds, 20s on, 10s off

Beast Skill: Handstand
– Hollow Body: 6 x 5 seconds

Jump roping was so much easier today as was the hollow body. Probably because I’VE BEEN DRINKING WATER! So, I’ll be extending it soon or trying different variations. Oh, and I’m practically limping from that leg workout yesterday.

– 2 eggs w cheese, a slice of cantelope, juice
– 2 chipotle tacos with rice beans meat
– seeweed salad and salmon/tuna sushi roll

I hate melons of any sort, ew. Chipotle should let you know that you only get two toppings with the taco kit instead of asking what kind of rice and beans you want and then telling you you have to pay if you want salsa…

– 2.0 L

I feel better.


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