Exercise, Food & Supplement Journal: 05.12.2012

– Burpees

BODYBUILDING: DAY 2: Chest/Triceps
– Chest / Triceps Dips: 4 x 6
– One Arm Push Up – on Knees: 3 x 5 (per arm)
– L-Seat – Tucked / Single Leg / Low L-Seat: 3 x 5 of 10s
– Planche Push Up – Frog Stand: 3 x 60s
– Handstand Press to Pushups – Handstand work: 3 x 60s

I did the first set of push ups off my knees. It was hard, but I did it and I’m making my way closer to the ground. The frog stand was also hard to hold because of the sweat. And 60 secs of handstand was so hard. I felt it throughout my entire torso. L-Seat is still my fav because it hurts so good.

Kind of bummed I didn’t workout yesterday. I thought I was going to have evals today, but it rained. Gonna be sore tomorrow. Oh well. Don’t wanna go two weekdays straight without working out. I already feel lazy only working our 3 days a week (besides combatives and pt). I think I should add a fourth day to the weekend sometime.

– eggs, corned beef hash, kiwi, orange juice
– 1/2 clif
– two veggies and 3 swedish meat balls
– 1/2 clif
– salad and yoghurt

I love my salad… Sigh. I might buy nutella for my yogurt. Mmmm mmm.

– none

– bld: 0.5
– day: 0.6
– workout: 0.2
– other: 0.0


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