Exercise, Food & Supplement Journal: 27.11.2012

– Burpees

I remembered today!

BODYBUILDING: DAY 2: Chest/Triceps
– Chest / Triceps Dips: 4 x 6
– One Arm Push Up – on Knees: 3 x 5 (per arm)
– L-Seat – Tucked / Single Leg / Low L-Seat: 3 x 5 of 10s
– Planche Push Up – Frog Stand: 3 x 60s
– Handstand Press to Pushups – Handstand work: 3 x 60s

Chest/Triceps is my fav day ever. Man, those tucked l seats… mmm mmm good. I actually feel like I’m making progress on this day. The push ups were easier. I might try off the knees next week. I held the l-seat variations longer, and they felt good. XD I also held the frog stand for so much longer and was able to straighten my arms once. Lol. Changing the sets to 3 of 60 seconds for the handstands, as well as the frog stand, really made a difference. I tried a lot harder and I’m actually excited again… unlike on back/biceps day. Sigh.

– eggs, sausage, strawberries, orange juice
– 1/2 clif
– salisbury, rice, greens, another vegetable, fries, grapes, pineapple, i tried some nasty pumpkin pie
– 1/2 clif
– mushroom chicken, potatoes, greens and green beans
– pooooop tea!

– none

– bld: 0.7
– day: 0.6
– workout: 0.4
– other: poop teeaaaaa!


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