Exercise, Food & Supplement Journal: 16.11.2012

Bodybuilding DAY 3: Chest/Triceps
– Chest / Triceps Dips: 4 x 6
– One Arm Push Up – on Knees: 3 x 6 (per arm)
– L-Seat – Tucked/Single Leg/Low L-Seat: 3 x 5 of 5s
– Planche Push Up – Frog Stand / Full Tilt: 3 x 5 of 5s
– Handstand Press to Pushups – Handstand work: 3 x 5 of 5s

Switched Day 2 and 3.

Sooooo… this is my “long day.” I noticed it’s a huge core work out as well. Dropping the v-sit / L- straddle temporarily. I went through the same process with l-seat that i did with Tuck Front Lever yesterday in terms of losing patience and re-researching better practice methods. The frog stand is still tricky, and the handstands improved a little bit today as well. It’s just going to take time. I’m thinking I might want to increase frequency on these exercises for the sake of progress. Also, i need to start stretching… my hamstrings in particular!

– eggs, turkey sausage, yoghurt, pix cereal, orange juice
– 1/2 clif bar
– turkey, stuffing, green beans, applesauce
– 1/2 clif bar
– post workout protein water
– tortilla soup, fries, pbnc mousse

– GNC Pro Performance® AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60™ – Chocolate

That was helpful actually.

– bld: 0.7
– day: 0.6
– workout: 0.4
– other: 0.?


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