Exercise, Food & Supplement Journal: 15.09.2012

JWOD: Alice – 3 exercises – AMRAP – No equipment – 20 min
AMRAP of 21-15-9
– side burpee
– backward lunge kick up
– side kickouts
– backward lunge kick up (alt leg)

This one was awesome. I think this format is way better for me than intervals, because mentally I’m done with intervals. I just can’t care enough to put my all into them. And since I’m in a hotel rounds gives me more flexibility. My heart is still with lifting tho. I MISS MY DIP STATION!

– I love Taiwan, but I don’t think I could live here. I’d be like that one sportorexic girl I used to see at the gym all the time back in college, tendons and bones. I really miss American Chinese food. I didn’t realize how different it really is… like a whole ‘nother species. I wonder if I’ve lost weight here. One thing’s for sure, my stomach has shrunk. And I learned I really don’t need to eat that much, just, you know, a little bit more quality. Not gonna lie. I would stay here just for the boba. I’m addicted. At least I get my daily protein.

– none

– 1.5 liters minimum


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