Taiwan Travel Journal: 01-02.09.2012

– a temple, earthquake spot, bike riding, a street
The temple was huuuuge and was super impressive. The Taiwanese are smart. They turned a building that was ruined by an earthquake into a museum and are now making money off it everyday. Lol. Bike riding was great! I love that I got my exercise in. Lastly, that street we went to had cool architecture and we finally tried chou dofu. We had dinner there, too. The boba was mmm good.

– Chou dofu, chocolate boba tea with hot boba pearls
Chou dofu was okay. Not that great actually. The boba was the best thing I’ve ever had in my life.

– private bus

– yuan zhu min museum and dance show, a temple, lake, night market

The yuan zhu min museum was small, but informative. Our next stop was a another yuan zhu min dance show, where we actually participated. That was really fun. The temple was so intricate and bright. I got a jade bracelet there. And saw the beautiful view. The night market was small, but there was a cute girl there

– a few taiwanese snacks, nothing special

– private bus
We watched a movie about taiwanese natives and the japanese occupiers. The yuan zhu mins from the movie were hott. 😛


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