Taiwan Travel Journal: 29.08.2012

– Gugong Bowoyuan, Wenquan Hot Springs
The museum was a museum. It made me tired as fuck. The hot springs were not what I expected, but I did enjoy them. So tired… bye.

The hot springs we went to actually looked like a bathhouse or a sauna. I really didnt want to get in considering it was humid and hot as hell, but after having my feet in for a while and then getting out, the weather was actually much more bearable.

I like museums even thou they make me tired. The one thing I can really say I appreciated was the architecture. The stairs and the courtyard and the arch and the two stone lions were beautiful.

– jiangzi, jiaozi, noodles and tofu
jiangzi is so good, but i personally think they eat too much pork…

– MRT, bus


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