Taiwan Travel Journal: 26-28.08.2012

– TKU, Shida Night Market!
It rained a little today…. The night market was awesome! soooo many cheap clothes! I bought two shirts for 8 dollars. 🙂 It’s basically a few blocks of small stores/shops and stalls crammed next to each other. Sometimes the smells were delicious, sometiems they made you want to throw up. And the signs and lights resembled a small avenue in New York. Tomorrow we go to shilin which should have more food.

– Niu rou mian, niu pai, zhen zhu
We finally had beef noodle soup at a restaurant near the school. The beef was sooo good, but there were too many noodles in comparison in my opinion. It was delicious tho! We went to the night market for dinner. The niu pai was not so great in my opinion. I really want to try ji pai, which is the chicken variation. It looks so good, yet so bad for you. The boba tea there wasn’t my favorite.


– TKU!, TAIPEI 101 – Din Tai Fung Restaurant, Other shopping mall
Taipai has so many huge streets, buildings and signs reminiscent of new York. And MOTORCYCLES / SCOOTERS! Sometimes it seems like there are more motorcycles than cars!

Our school is awesome! We get individual attention. The material isn’t too demanding because we already now a lot of these vocab. The 101 shopping mall is huge and has sooo many expensive designer stores. We went to another mall across the street, it seemed a little less expensive. The whole area is a big shopping strip. The mall’s food courts are on the bottom floor and are freaking huge. The malls were about two or three times the size of a typical mall. And the food courts contain around 20+ restaurants and concession shops.

– Zhenzhu cha!, Xiaolongbao!, jaiozi, coldstone
Finally boba tea! Not nearly as sugary as the american counterpart, but so delicious! We had famous xiaolongbao. I actually liked every other variation of dumplings other than the xiao long bao and the shrimp dumplings. I love dumplings tho!

We took the MRT for the first time. It’s pretty standard for a subway, except the cars are a little shorter.

– Toyko Narita!, Taipei Teacher’s Hostel, 7-11 lol
It was cool technically being in Japan. Japanese is such a cool language. Didn’t have time to eat anything, but we will on the way back home. 7-11 is much different than it’s american counterpart. A bit more classy. lol.


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