Exercise, Food & Supplement Journal: 24.08.2012

– Single Leg Pistol Squat – NO ASSISTANCE: 3 x 8 – 10
– Dumbbell Single Leg Split Squat: 3 x 8 – 40
– Single Leg Lying Hip Extension (One Leg Bridge): 3 x 8
– Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts: 3 x 8

Wow, my hamstrings cramped up during the bridges. I think I had a workout O tho… Also not sure I’m a fan of the 3×8 for legs. Seems a little useless without weights.

– eggs, chicken sausage party, strawberries, blueberries, juice, tea
– raisins, plum
– turkey, green beans, cauliflower, chocomilk, juice!
– lärabar
– american chinese food!

– USPlabs Recreate

– breakfast, lunch, dinner: .7
– work day: .6
– workout: .3
– other: .9



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2 responses to “Exercise, Food & Supplement Journal: 24.08.2012

  1. Sue

    Hi there!

    My name is Sue, and found your blog today thru WordPress – it captured my interest! I’m from SlimKicker (a healthy living/fitness app), and was wondering if we can do a giveaway for your blog readers?

    Our site basically turns people’s health/fitness goals into a level up game with challenges such as quitting soda for a week. We’re looking for new challenge ideas, so was thinking of holding a contest where your readers leave a comment on a health challenge idea, and we’ll pick our favorite challenge idea, use it on our site, and give the winner either a free digital health scale, slow cooker, or digital heart monitor.

    Let me know if you’re interested by email: sue (at) slimkicker.com

    PS. You can choose not to publish this comment since it’s not really a comment =)


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