Exercise, Food & Supplement Journal: 14.08.2012

– Single Leg Pistol Squat: 3 x 12 – NO ASSISTANCE – 10
– Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts: 4 x 12 – 3 @ 25, 1 @ Bodyweight
– Handstand: Achieving and holding Amtap for 60 secs

I really feel like I progressed in my form with pistols! I was just thinking am I ever going to get better at this??? And then suddenly my form got noticeable better. LOL. I did however slightly hurt my hip with those deadlifts. M goal is to drop the weights all together on leg day 1. I’m still trying to figure out leg day 2. 🙂

1 mile run

I shall never underestimate the 1.5 again… Doing legs immediately before a speed run = bad idea. Sooo I’m totally considering dropping run team. I just don’t enjoy it anymore. My love for running has dwindled into nothing… Probably because it’s just been so STATIC. And then I’d be able to focus more on lifting and HIIT and do Zumba and Air Combat Challenge!!!!

– scrambled eggs, 1 turkey sausage patty, blueberries, pineapple, juice, tea
– craisins
– fish, baked fries, peas, asparagus, cheesecake, juice!
– lärabar
– baked fries, beef, peas, asparagus, chocolate, juice

Mmm… Craisins are tasty.

– USPlabs Recreate

– workout: .5
– breakfast, lunch, dinner: .7
– work day: .6
– other: .3


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