Exercise, Food & Supplement Journal: 21.07.2012

ZWOW #3 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRYqkRzmLEY
4 exercises – Time Challenge – Dumbbells or Kettlebells – 16 mins
Ladder / Pyramid 5-10-15-10-5 reps of following exercises (5 reps of each, 10 reps of each, etc)
– split squat jump (no leg swtich) (per leg)
– 1-leg bulgarian split squat (per leg)
– push-up, superman lift
– skaters

Nice, definitely a weekend workout. My butt is so sore from those pistols yesterday.

Random dips through out the day.

– hash browns, corn beef hash, 2 hard boiled eggs, strawberries, apricot
– chicken, pb, brown rice, spinach-pineapple salad, peas, green beans
– cliff bar
– dinner


– workout: .1
– breakfast, lunch, dinner: .7
– work day: .6
– other: .6


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