Weekly Encouragement: 怎么这么麻烦!

啊呀!这个星期我想吃什么就吃什么。不好意思。做这样会让我成为一个胖子!所以我很需要我的weekly encouragement。过了很久时间我做这个活动啊!
Um so yeah, I really need to reflect and recollect and re-etc on my goals and plans, etc. I loose sight easily.

Fitness: So far I love this lifting and tabata combo. And I’m super looking forward to thursday’s bodyrock throwback. no issues here.

Chinese: i want to keep daily visiting news sites and watching my dramas. i need to start writing and speaking more tho. SO EXCITED TO BE GOING TO TAIWAN!

DIET. sigh. so carbs are addicting. i knew that. I think that I should be fine with my meals. i really dont have any issues giving up grains again. its not like i can digest them properly anyway. (MY ROOM SMELLS) i hate that i hurt my body based on cravings sometimes. 😦 This really shouldn’t bE a big deal considering the instantaneous pay off I know I’ll get, so I’m not going to make it one.

Anyway, the biggest problem here is the return of my DANGER ZONE. i think just recognizing that and knowing that it’ll be a threat is about 2/3 of the battle. truthfully my handling of the danger zone although unsatisfactory has at least been healthy for the most part. however, you don’t appease the danger zone, you fight it! my number one weapon? WATER! Bring it, betch! Prepare to be destroyed.

Also I’m going to stop using salt… as much. :/

– workout. 好!
– chinese. 最好啊!
- diet。我们会看把!¬_¬
I’ll be so much happier. \(^o^)/ヽ(^。^)ノヽ(^o^)丿

“It is important to realize that every time you eat you have the opportunity to choose to make your body better or worse – your choices and behaviors either move you towards your goals or away from them.” – Zuzana


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