Exercise, Food & Supplement Journal: 04.06.2012

DAY 1: Back/Biceps
Pull ups: 3 x 5, 1 x MAX (5) – UNASSISTED
Chin ups: 3 x 5, 1 x MAX (1) – UNASSISTED
Inverted Row: 3 x 12 – Bodyweight
Barbell Bent-over Row: 3 x 12, 1 x MAX (40) – 40
Barbell Curl: 3 x 12 – 30

I had the hardest time with the pull ups and chin ups. It was frustrating, but I Iike changing it up even if it’s by a little. I didn’t like the max idea for bent over rows bc I felt like I could go on forever, but it did make the curls harder.

8 X 20/10
– Burpees (push up and jump): max reps reached: 5

This was def the whole body HIIT I was looking for. I actually mostly felt it in my thighs. I felt so good after. I’m really looking forward to thursday’s bodyrock. I forgot how much I love HIIT.

– cheese omelette, pineapple
– läraball
– fish, cauliflower, spinach, applesauce
– 1 läraball
– fries, peas, carrots, chicken, egg noodles, apple, larabars, ice cream
– protein shake

As far as diet changes, I’m bringing fruit back into my diet. Hopefully this will help me combat my post dinner munchies because I’m sick of derailing myself.

– USPlabs Recreate
– GNC Total Lean™ Lean Shake™ 25 – Chocolate Peanut Butter

Back on the supplements not for workout, but for concentrating in school. This stuff worked wonders for me last time I was taking it.

– workout: .4
– breakfast, lunch, dinner: .7
– work day: .5


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