Dynamism & Diet

So, I’ve been struggling with diet since I started birth control (which I’m actually going to stop using soon), and I decided that it’s not okay that I’m always hungry. So I went on a little research trip through the internet about fitness nutrition. I came to the conclusion that I’m not eating enough, which is causing my little binging series. Well, my three main meals are actually usually on point in terms of content and proportions, however where I’m failing is in my snacks. I’m not eating enough calories to keep my metabolism high or to keep my hunger at bay during my 5+ hour meal breaks.

Funnily enough, what I found was exactly what I had been told to do back in Portugal when I went to visit a nutritionist. At least for the 3 main meals.

Breakfast: protein, grains, fruit
Lunch: protein, grains, vegetables
Dinner: protein, vegetables

I mostly looked up Bodybuilding diet plans, and they usually included 3 other meals, after each of the “main” meals. They were usually protein. The morning ones also included fruit. So, since I’m def not interested in doing more shakes during the day, I think I’m going to buy some protein bars for my after noon snack. I’ll sick to almonds and apples for my morning snack, tho, and my pre-bed protein shake.

They also said to cycle calories. I think what would work best for me in doing that is cycling my grains. So sometimes not having grains for breakfast and lunch since my default is usually no grains and I’m wanting to include grains into my diet.

Breakfast: protein, fruit, (grains)
Snack: almonds, apple
Lunch: protein, vegetables, (grains)
Snack: protein bar
Dinner: protein, vegetables
Snack: protein shake

And of course post workout protein where that falls during a meal or is a shake or bar. So I’m going to try this out and see how I feel about it. Hopefully it will help keep my metabolism up, and stop me from ruining all my hard work.

Oh yeah, the dynamism part… yeah, I’m going to continue cycling through exercises for my workouts, so I don’t get bored.

You know, I looked at myself in the mirror today after school and I realized that I’m delusional if I’m not happy with my body. I have a motherfucking six pack. I’m just maintaining at this point, and pushing myself so hard by doing all sorts of awesome events like the mudrun, tough mudder, an air combat challenge, TWO half marathons, the german armed forces proficiency test and a goddamn triathlon for goodness sakes. I’m going to look back at my time here in California one day and be amazed that this is real.

go forth and poop likewise.


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