Exercise, Food & Supplement Journal: 18.02.2012

– 36 laps in a 25 yard pool = 1.02272727 miles!!
Yeah, I swam a mile. in like 45 mins. The first 30 laps took me exactly 40 minutes. It felt good to be in a pool again.

– corn beef hash, grapefruit
– clif bodybuilding protein bar – chocolate
– salad, cabbage with carrots and chicken, tea
– chocolate covered almonds… ew, im done.
– salad, fish, tea
– apple
– protein shake (protein, banana, peanut butter)

still gassy. no more chocolate. im sick.

– 1 GNC Women’s Ultra Mega® Active Multivitamin capsule

– morning/workout: ?
– afternoon: ?
– evening: ?



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