Food, Supplement & Exercise Journal: 25.01.2012

DAY 3: Legs
Squats (ass to grass) 3 sets of 8-10: 2 – 15lb dumbbells
Deadlifts 3 sets of 8-10: 2 – 25 lbs dumbbells
Walking lunges 3 sets of 20 steps: 2 – 20lbs dumbbells
Leg extensions 3 sets of 8-10: 90, 95, 105 lbs
Leg curls 3 sets of 8-10: 75lbs

So I should not have lifted more weight for my leg extensions than my leg curls. The thing is the leg extensions were so damn easy. I have no clue why. Neeeext time, I’ll lift equally for both.

Still stretching. I’m not super sore, thankfully. I can still straighten my arms out. Aaahh, feels so good.

3+ mile beach run!! … my leeeegs.

– post workout protein “shake” (whey + water)
– corn beef hash, grapefruit, water
– apple
– spinach salad, chicken a la king
– almonds, apple
– spinach salad, beef, yogurt, granola bar, 1 square of chocolate
– orange

The only thing I regret is the granola bar. It wasn’t bad or unhealthy, but it was unnecessary. Water would have done the same job and probably better.

– morning: 2 recreate
– 1/2 scoop (~13g) GNC Pro Performance® AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60™ – Chocolate + water

I’m going to bump this up to one full scoop of 26g tomorrow. According to this site (,,20410520,00.html), I need a lot of protein since I’m light body building. I think that as long as I take whey after my lifting workout, I should be fine since I eat protein with every meal and my snack.

– (.375 pre-workout), .375 during & post workout = .75 liters
– (.375 morning), .375 pre-lunch = .75
– (.375 afternoon), .375 pt, .375 pre-dinner = 1.5
– .75 even = 3.75 liters of water a day

Thats not including the liquids I consume at meals. No wonder I’m so bloated… I’ll figure this out later.

So I took away the two in parenthesis and I felt a lot better. I should probably take away the water at meals too which would bring me up to about 4.34 LITERS a day. And I worry about not being hydrated?! I’m probably drowning myself.

Made good food choices yesterday except probably had more than 24 almonds last night. I think sitting at a desk can be boring, which leads to boredom hunger, and that study breaks should include physically getting up, not just surfing the web.

I feel better and therefore I look better. Long term influenced decisions bring so much more joy than short term influenced decisions!



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