Food, Supplement & Exercise Journal: 13.01.2012

PT with Ssgt Lavioe
– 1 mile warm up
– flutter kicks, push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks
– suicides
– 1 mile jog + push ups

– cottage cheese, orange, water
– cauliflower, salad, rice, beef, water, 1/2 grapefruit
– broccoli, fish, meatloaf, salad, applesauce, cranberry juice
– goddamn chips

– morning: 2 green tea fat burners


Chips, candy, ice cream, proportions

During the pt session, the only thing that made me feel weak was the push ups. If I really, really try I have no issues with ab work and cardio, but push ups always fuck me over. I’m going to do the 100 push ups program and actually finish it on the side. That way my body rocks can still focus on whole body and not arms.

Yesterday, I wanted a milkshake so bad. Hmm.



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