Food, Supplement & Exercise Journal: 12.01.2012

I’m Sexy & You Know It
Part I: 4 x 10/50
– Commando Push Ups
– Jump Lunges
– Side Plank Kick Out – Left
– Side Plank Kick Out – Right
Part II: 6 x 20/20
– Toe Touch Push Ups
– Crab Kick Up / Bike Abs
Part III: 6 x 20/20
– Jump Squat
– Kick Outs

– sausage, cottage cheese, fruit mix, peach juice, water
– beefy patty, green beans, beans beans, salad
– sushi, seaweed salad, milkshake. lol

– morning: 2 green tea fat burners, 1 recreate, 1 multivitamin
– afternoon: 1 green tea fat burner, 1 recreate

I will not eat chips or candy or ice cream shakes. I will eat within the proper proportions.



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