Too many goals? Nooooo.

Okay, so my goals for the rest of the month are: 1) less alcohol, 2) plainer foods – leaving the sauce behind and incorporating salad, salsa and hot sauce, 3) no more dairy or beef (no wheat still), 4) plain peanut butter only with oatmeal, 5) no more sweets aka candy and coffee, 6) no carb snacks, 7) protein powder only for post-workout and 8) more running.

That’s a lot. Sometimes I forget them all. The ones I can foresee having the most problems with are: plainer foods and salad, sweets and more running. I forgot to eat salad today but I had a butt load of veggies. Mmmm. They had peas, cabbage and cauliflower today! I spazzed out so much that I was bouncing.

Buuut I didn’t do so good with the entrees. Okay, that’s a lie. I had swedish meatballs with rice. As soon as I saw those balls, I was soo damn excited. I love meatballs and I assume they are made of chicken, so I kind of forgot that they were covered in sauce and didn’t consider that they might not be chicken. LOL. 😦 And for dinner I had the kidney bean stew, which was also a lot of sauce. I just forgot! It didn’t even cross my mind either time. Sigh.

Also, I know that I’m not just going to start running, so I’m going to incorporate more sprints into the BodyRock PT group workouts.

Lastly, sweets. I had coffee today. people keep offering me free food and I just need to turn it down. I had popcorn today bc it’s not bad for you. Popcorn is a grain and therefore not eligible for snack status, so I shouldn’t have eaten it. I’ve been chewing a lot gum lately to cure my sweet tooth. Sugar-free obviously. Iono. Maybe not the best choice, but it works.

lol. I just regurgitated some cabbage. Swallowed that mother-lover right back down. Mmmmm yeah.


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