Cut: Discipline Required

“Getting lean is about 70% dietary effort, 20% proper workout programming technique, 5% psychological (because, let’s face it, temptation is around every corner), and 5% sheer determination.”

Alright, so as me, myself and I know, I wanted to go on a cut to get ripped for the month of october. So far that has failed because 1) I was not properly prepared, 2) I had no clue how to succeed 3) I wasn’t mentally prepared for the discipline that would be needed and 4) I was in denial about being addicted to food AGAIN. I never got unaddicted after basic.

So after much thinking, i’ve decided a few things need to happen:

Alcohol. I need to stop. I experienced a sort of placebo effect this past weekend. no alcohol involved. I thanked myself later for not sabotaging my good decision making capabilities. I don’t think I’m going to stop drinking alcohol all together tho.

Diet. I decided to go back and read Chicken Tuna’s advice. Go figure. Her advice basically kicked me out of my food addiction denial. There is no walking the line when it comes to sacrifice. You do it or you don’t. I’ve wanted to try so many things: bodybuilder-inspired diet, sugar free month, going back to my Portuguese dietary regimen. I just can’t really do any of them for some reason. To strict I think. or at least too specific. Too many rules, and I’m more of a guidelines person.

I did decide tho that certain aspects of those diets needed to be present in my dietary regimen. So I’m going to follow ChickenTuna’s plain foods diet. Funny thing is I’ve heard about so many people’s moms doing this and losing weight. I think it’s such a simple, yet powerful concept. I mean all those extra calories come from the sauces. So considering the food they serve at the dfac, I’ll probably be eating a lot of fish and chicken. And I wanted to bring salad back into my life. As for dressing, the stupid dfac doesn’t offer any oil and vinegar, so I’ll be using hot sauce. yum.

I am worried about breakfast tho. I’ll probably be eating eggs, but I’m not sure what else. Fruit and… maybe oatmeal? Orange juice. I would say yoghurt, but the only kind of yoghurt they have is the sugar loaded kind.

Intolerances. Okay, so I’m intolerant to wheat. Yeah I knew that. I also knew I was intolerant to dairy. I know that if I eat too much wheat, I get yeast infections, constipated and etc. I also know that dairy messes with my regularity. Okay, what I didn’t know was that I also have a limit / threshold with dairy. Um, I’ve been eating dairy since wednesday and I gave myself a yeast infection… So I’ll be giving up dairy as well as wheat. I eat way too much dairy nowadays anyway. I haven’t eaten this much dairy since college and it’s ruining my muscle definition.

Weaknesses. Peanut butter, chocolate, chips, fries, beef. Tempted to add rice to the list, but I’m not that big of a fan, and I only like brown rice anyway, which isn’t bad for my cut.

The thing about peanut butter and chocolate is that I feel like those cravings have run their course. They’ve lost their appeal and therefore their control over me. I only entertain them bc we’ve had such fond memories together. But I feel like my body is over the whole sugar rush thing. I really get more pain than pleasure out of it at this point. The problem is that the pleasure period has been getting shorter and shorter and the pain keeps getting longer and longer. It’s almost ridiculous, but my body is just… I’m not sure how to describe it, but I’m super sensitive to how food affects it.

Chips and fries, still not over them, but I remember my no snacking on grains rule. Chips fuck me over more than anything else and I am not going to forget that anytime soon. Speaking of cravings, the camelbak water bottle is really working for me. And I’m probably going to start chugging again in times of danger.

Back to peanut butter and breakfast: Peanut butter is on the clean foods list, but honey peanut butter and peanut butter and jelly are not. So, there that’s my “rule” for peanut butter. Plain peanut butter only. Anyway, too much nut butter has been a problem in the past for me anyway. And only for breakfast with oatmeal. My friend told me to eat my egg whites with salsa and onions, oatmeal with peanut putter and bananas. Add some orange juice. That sounds good to me. 😀

Oh, and protein powder is to be used for post workout recovery. Not a snack.

Exercise. So I believe my exercise is not a problem. I do think I need to run more, but other than that Mon-Fri body rock should be sufficient. I’m thinking Mon-Wed focus on arms hardcore. Tue-Thu focus NOT on arms. Fri can be whevs.

1. Alcohol – lets try sobriety
2. plain foods – incorporating salad, salsa and hot sauce
3. no more dairy and beef
4. plain peanut butter only with oatmeal
5. no more sweets. they fuck me up.
6. no carb snacks.
7. protein powder only for post-workout
8. more running


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