Exercise & Food Journal: 29.09.2011

1) 1 lap

2) WOW Booty + On The Floor Workout (Modified) – 12 minutes
(WOW Booty Workout – http://www.bodyrock.tv/2010/09/10/wow-booty-workout/
On The Floor – Abs Challenge – http://www.bodyrock.tv/2011/02/24/on-the-floor-abs-challenge/)
Part I: 16 X 10/5
– Jump Squats – 10 sec max. reps
– Drop Down / Power Up – 5 sec rest
Part II: Time Challenge: 4 mins
– 10 Toe Touches, Roll Over, 10 Knee Tucks
Total Sets: 12
Part III: repeat Part I
– we mixed it up with jump squats and high knees
Part IV:
Total Sets: 13

3) 1 lap

4) DLI Rock Hard Workout
6 x 30/10 – 8 minutes
– One Arm Tricep Push Up
– Knee Hugs
– Sleeping Crab Dance

Couldn’t keep track of my reps bc I forgot to count, except for part 2 and 4 of wow booty / on the floor. Everyone wants to join my group and they all love it. One of these days were gonna make a facebook page and were going to submit our picture to bodyrock.tv

– peanut butter and jelly. maybe one too many peanut butter packets.


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