Dietary Health Tips

“It is important to realize that every time you eat you have the opportunity to choose to make your body better or worse – your choices and behaviors either move you towards your goals or away from them.”

– ~8 cups
– help reduce bloating and gas (unless you overdo it)
– work with fiber to make you poo
– help fight the urge to binge and snack!
– helps flush out shit.

– very important for regular bowel movements
– water is necessary for any results

– you have to eat this to rebuild your muscles otherwise your muscles will dwindle away and your body fat percentage will rise
– muscles burn fat!

Small proportions
– you should feel satisfied and not physically full
– too small and you’ll go into starvation mode
– too big and you’ll end up bloated and put your digestion in slow mo for a while (days in my case)
– veggies are not exempt from small proportions
– protein portion: size and thickness of palm (2 for guys); veggies portions: approximately 2 cupped hands together; starchy carbs (whole wheat bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, oats etc) 1 handful
– trust in your proportions, listen to your body, let your brain catch up to your stomach

– do not snack on grains and starchy carbs, they often make you hungrier and induce binging
– use natural appetite suppressing foods, such as fiber, protein and water; I find it best to snack on nuts, fruit and water
– include a lean protein, complex carbohydrate, and monounsaturated fat (like almond butter on whole-wheat toast or guacamole and carrot sticks) to stabilize your blood sugar
– cravings are a non-motherfucking factor… don’t cater to them by letting them become one
– chug some water… see what happens

– even occasional food binges may alter your body’s ability to store fat, making it harder to avoid weight gain
– grains and starchy carbs often make you hungrier and induce binging
– leads to long term constipation and bloating, often for days and resulting in discomfort and pain
– “you need to throw up (throat filled) and take a crap (butt loaded) at the same time, yet conveniently can’t do either”

Bloating & Constipation
– aids: hot water/tea, stomach rubbing, laying on left side, stomach vacuuming, tea, hanging knee raises
– bad proportions / too much food
– food sensitivities
— wheat give me long term bloating, constipation and yeast infections… bad ones
— dairy: bloating, constipation and yeast infections 😦
– some foods slow down the digestive process (meat), some bog down the system and create low energy (sugar), and others make it hard for the body to work properly (fatty foods)
— grains
— dry oats cause me bloating, constipation and gas
— chips cause me bloating and constipation and gas (fatty)
— white rice: bloating and constipation… it only takes a little


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