Food Challenge: Ultimate Crap-Pushers Solutions List

Overall Solution: My stomach, my intestines and my poop. Don’t mess with my pooping abilities.

– Pork
Reason: I hate the devil’s pet. I refuse to eat it. Taste like demon blood.
Real reason: ^

– Heavy Sugar Products (Chocolate, Pies, Cakes, Cookies, etc)
Reason: I’ll crash and burn.
Real Reason: I will crash because it bogs down the system and creates really low energy. Yeast infection alert!

– Dairy* (moderate)
Reason: I’m lactose intolerant.
Real Reason: I AM intolerant to lactose. CONSTIPATION AND YEAST INFECTIONS GALORE! Too much mucus that solidifies inside the body. Constipation.

*This is in the limited and not eliminated section because I occasionally eat yogurt, cheese and some chocolates/hot chocolate that have whey and milk in them… As long as I keep it to a minimum, I’m good.

– Potatoes, Corn (moderate)
Reason: I LOVE FRIES, but for some reason I’m not a fan of non deep fried potatoes.
Real Reason: Eh. Too starchy.

– Wheat and other Gluten-containing products
Reason: I’m gluten intolerant.

– White Rice
Reason: It clogs me up and it tastes so boring.
Real reason: ^

– Processed Foods
Reason: That looks appetizing… not.
Real Reason: Slows down the digestive process. Can’t poo for days.

– Fast Food
Reason: DO I NEED A REASON? Grease = stomach. We
Real Reason: Hard to help make the body work properly. We know where this is heading… POOP.


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